Getting Started with Lowry onDemand

Set up

NOTE: the instructions below apply only to Microsoft Internet Explorer.  If using a different browser, please contact your IT Department for instructions.

Automatic Refresh

To insure that you’ll always have the most current version of every page on Lowry onDemand, you will need to be sure that you have enabled the automatic refresh.  To do this, go to the <Tools> tab on your Internet Browser.  Click the tab and then “Internet Options” at the bottom of the drop down window.  This should produce a pop up window.  The center section of the window should be entitled  “Temporary Internet Files”.  Click on the “Settings” button in this section. The first category in the “Settings” window should be “Check for new versions of stored pages.”  Make sure the “Every visit to the page” selection is checked.  This will insure an automatic refresh.